Concrete is the foundation of the world and its most used building material. Here at Newport concrete is one of our specialties. Since the company’s inception in 1989 Newport Structures has worked with concrete on a regular basis and has developed highly skilled crews to work with it. Pours of all sizes and shapes have been successfully accomplished, whether it be a basic building slab or concrete columns for stairs. Massive pours such as the Highland Valley Copper crushers which involve hundreds of meters of concrete and complex pours such the highly angled parapets for bridges are all in Newport’s repertoire. Newport works closely with engineers, suppliers, and testers in order to ensure that every concrete pour involves the right people, the right design, and the right product.

Newport Structures Ltd. has worked with local engineers Watson Engineering and local concrete supplier Casadio & Son Ready Mix Ltd. in order to develop an innovative concrete pour method. Over 200 meters of 24” piping needed to be filled with concrete from the bottom up in order to ensure the deeply buried pipe didn’t collapse as the load of earth on top of it increased. Our company conducted several tests with several concrete mix designs and systems developed by our expert team. In the end this novel system poured the specialized concrete in one all-or-nothing pour and was able to meet the requirement of completely filling the pipe to solidify its structure and ensure that the ground was not in danger of collapsing and damaging the surrounding earthworks.