The Trans Mountain Pipeline is one of Canada’s major pipelines servicing the West Coast and is therefore a hugely important resource highway for Alberta’s petroleum products. With over 1,100 kilometers of piping in the ground the system is under constant surveillance and receives almost continuous upgrades and improvements. Newport Structures has worked with the operators of the Trans Mountain Pipeline for many years over many different projects. Over almost two decades Newport has constructed more than 70 valve vaults and 40 valve vault lids, structures designed to protect the important valve components of the pipeline from environmental wear-and-tear and other damage. These vaults differ in design and size based on requirement and local terrain and can sometimes be in difficult terrain along the pipeline’s right-of-way, in such situations Newport has worked closely with Trans Mountain to come up with intuitive construction practices to meet every project’s needs. Our company has also worked in other Trans Mountain Facilities, such as the local Kamloops Terminal. Here the facility’s pumping system was upgraded to maintain the industry leading service and safety that Trans Mountain strives for. Newport was involved in the construction of a new pump house and bases for the massive pumps and motors that keep products flowing along the pipeline.